A Year in Photos

Photography, fiction, and personal essays form my three primary creative outlets. For this blog's first 18 months, I used it primarily for photography. As I've returned to creative writing, I'll use this blog for fiction, too. Sometimes, when reality needs to be discussed more than truth, I write personal essays.

This blog will continue to showcase as many above-average photos as I can muster. Hopefully my written work will be as good or better than the visual. Whichever drew you here -- photographs or fiction, I hope you enjoy both.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Yokohama Panda

I figured I would open with a peaceful photo because

this panda wants to eat your soul.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last day in Tokyo

Back in July I spent a week in Tokyo. On my last day, I met up with my buddy Steve who lives near Mt. Fuji. Steve showed me around Shinjuku, Akibahara, and some other neighborhoods. We went to a festival for some fireworks and were rained on. Some rando put their fingers on my 31mm FA Limited's lens on accident. I ate the most incredible street food and octopus I've ever tried.

Before Steve arrived, I had about an hour to ram around Shinjuku and stumble into a Nikon shop. It was pretty great as I'd never seen one of the Canon f0.95 "Dream Lens" lenses before. After Steve arrived, he showed me all the great camera stores in Shunjuku. I wish I had bought some cameras. I wanted to but, for some reason, decided against it. Yes. Worst decision of the trip.

At Shinjuku Station, they had some mascots.

And somewhere in Tokyo this Panda waited for its owner to leave a store.

After some hours, we ended up at a festival. I forget what for, but there were fireworks over the river, too. A good portion of the people dressed in traditional Japanese garments.

Tradition mixed with modernity.

Steve and I were not the only photographers there. This girl from Hong Kong had a Holga.

Steve and I seemed, for a while, to be the only people NOT shooting medium format. I really liked this guy's Bronica. Beautiful camera.

And a giant lantern. I could have easily gone through two more rolls of film at the festival but everyone kept asking me to take their photos. Literally, they left everyone around me alone. Steve, who speaks Japanese, said someone said they thought I was a professional. I guess a lot of people heard that.

After deciding to take photos of things other than other people with their cameras, Steve and I were herded by a cop with a megaphone almost as big as him. It's pretty great.

And we stopped for octopus. Totally worth the 15-minute wait. I wanted more. I want to fly back to Tokyo and walk around until I find this place and have more.

Unfortunately, I don't have any fireworks photos because it rained. Hard. It was all Steve and I could do to keep our gear from getting wet. In the subway, we watched a few trains leave to get shots of how insanely crowded they were.

The cops tolerated us. Mostly.

A Year in Photos: Week Forty

The blog is back! This fall I'm taking a photo class to refresh some of my skills, but I'm still a ways away from getting to those photos. So this week I'll

order octopus from a street vendor in Tokyoi (it was amazing),

find serenity in Yokohama,

shoot a Caddy,

howl like a wolf,

and wear what is perhaps the coolest hat ever worn.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Returning Shortly

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic -- busy season at work, photography class, and an unexpected move due to mold in my apartment. I'm finally getting settled in at the new place so A Year in Photos will be back in October.

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