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Photography, fiction, and personal essays form my three primary creative outlets. For this blog's first 18 months, I used it primarily for photography. As I've returned to creative writing, I'll use this blog for fiction, too. Sometimes, when reality needs to be discussed more than truth, I write personal essays.

This blog will continue to showcase as many above-average photos as I can muster. Hopefully my written work will be as good or better than the visual. Whichever drew you here -- photographs or fiction, I hope you enjoy both.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rothschild Giraffes. NBD.

Yesterday I shared some antelope, kudu, and zebra photos. The giraffes are definitely the tour's high point for most people. I loved the giraffes, and petting a couple of them, but for me, the Greater Kudu were the high point. That doesn't change how amazing the giraffes are. 

They're amazingly gentle animals and were just fine pulling sweet potato out of peoples' mouths.

But who knows what they're really thinking.

A second later that giraffe was playing tonsil hockey with my girlfriend.

The other people on our tour. They had as much fun as we did.

The giraffes had short fur, coarse and stuff. And they moved carefully and gently around us.

She learned after the first time that it's better to play coy. Wait.. Why'd she need another kiss? Am I missing something?

At the last stop, the giraffes reach right out over you. We stopped here because, in their pen, they were fairly uninterested in us (except one of them.) Here we had better luck.

Because they could all see we had food.

I don't understand why anyone would want to hunt such a gentle, beautiful, and critically endangered animal. It it a distinct possibility that in my lifetime these will be extinct in the wild due to the poaching and poor land management. Basically, it boils down to this: humanity is forged in greed and rich hunters pay a lot of money for escorted hunts for endangered animals. Ultimately, the check will come due for our poor management of this planet's resources and, when it does, humanity won't enjoy having to pay.

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