A Year in Photos

Photography, fiction, and personal essays form my three primary creative outlets. For this blog's first 18 months, I used it primarily for photography. As I've returned to creative writing, I'll use this blog for fiction, too. Sometimes, when reality needs to be discussed more than truth, I write personal essays.

This blog will continue to showcase as many above-average photos as I can muster. Hopefully my written work will be as good or better than the visual. Whichever drew you here -- photographs or fiction, I hope you enjoy both.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zebra, Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, and Greater Kudu. NBD.

On the girlfriends' and my weekend in Point Arena, we had reservations for a morning feeding and tour of B.Bryan Preserve. The preserve helps protect two zebra species, one giraffe species, greater kudu, and sable. There may be another that I'm forgetting. So today I'll share photos of everything but the giraffes. Those will be in the next post because they're worth their own entry.

Let's take a few minutes and appreciate these beautiful animals while we can. Poaching and habitat destruction are doing a good job of eliminating these from our planet quickly.

Grevy's Zebra

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Roan Antelope

Roan Antelope fawn

Greater Kudu

Sable Antelope

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